Hideki is a virtuoso in a multitude of guitar styles. His specialties are classical, flamenco, and various Latin American styles, but also plays Celtic, folk, and popular styles.

Classical: He specializes in Spanish and Latin American composers as well as Renaissance and Baroque periods. For late 18th~early 19th-century music, he owns and performs on orignal 19th-century guitars as well as on historical replicas.
Romance de los pinos, Federico Moreno-Torroba
La Catira, Antonio Lauro
I Vow to Thee My Country, Gustav Holst

Flamenco: Hideki has performed both solo and with dance troupes. An experienced accompanist, he was staff accompanist for the Spanish Dance Ensemble at UC Irvine for over 5 years. He was also shared the stage with the world-renowned Ballet Flamenco José Porcel dance company as palmista when they performed at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in 2005.
Sevillanas, Traditional
Tarantas, Traditional
Colombianas, Paco Peña

Latin American: He plays all kinds of Latin American music but is particularly familiar with tango, Andean, Argentinean folk, and bossa nova. He performs solo and with various groups.
Registro, Antonio Lauro
Milonga, Jorge Cardoso
Mazurka-Choro, Heitor Villa-Lobos

Celtic: He plays Celtic music finger-style on steel-string; mostly transcriptions of fiddle tunes and Scottish lute music.
Blind Mary, Turlough O’Carolan
Windsor Terrace, Traditional
My Darling Asleep, Traditional