Hideki has over 20 years of teaching experience, both privately and at the college/university level. He has produced many accomplished students, some of who have performed publicly and/or won competitions. He is currently teaching freelance in Portland and Central Oregon. He is currently taking students in classical guitar, early guitars, and lutes of all kinds, in all levels.

Hideki is also available for coachings for other instrumentalists, singers, and ensembles. He has coached many musicians, including violin, cello, flute, piano, and voice. He is highly regarded as a specialist in historically-informed performance practice, and has adjudicated for competitions held by the Oregon Music Teachers’ Association and the Cascade Foundation for the Musical Arts. He also teaches music theory, musicianship, ornamentation, and continuo playing among other subjects.

New for 2014: Hideki will start offering lessons over Skype. While not as ideal as lessons in person, Skype lessons do have their advantages, such as ease of scheduling and no traveling. He has been testing it out over the last couple of years, and thinks that it is a viable alternative to regular lessons.Skype lessons are offered at a lower rate than regular lessons. For availability and more information, please contact Hideki at: