Here are some of Hideki's instruments (Click on image for bigger picture):

7-course Renaissance Lute by John Rollins, Bellingham, WA, 2000; after Giovanni Hieber

10-course Renaissance Lute by John Rollins, 1987; after Wendelio Venere

11-course Baroque Lute by Mel Wong, San Francisco, CA, 1994; after Hans Burkholtzer

Archlute by Mel Wong, 2006; after Magno Tieffenbrucker

Theorbo / Chitarrone by Mel Wong, 2008; after Matheus Buchenberg

Gallichon / Mandora by Mel Wong, 2010; own design

Mandolino by Mel Wong, 2008; after an anonymous Italian instrument

Renaissance Guitar by Mel Wong, 2008; own design

Vihuela / Viola da mano by Mel Wong, 2008; own design

Baroque Guitar by Mel Wong, 2004; own design

Theorboed Guitar / Chitarra Atiorbata by Christopher Davies, Portland, OR, 2010; own design

Romantic Guitar by Kenny Hill, Ben Lomond, CA. 1997; after Louis Panormo

Romantic Guitar, anonymous French(?), mid 19th-c.; restored and converted into a 7-string by Mel Wong

Romantic Guitar by Al. Seugrabi, Naples, late 19th-c.

Terz Guitar, anonymous Viennese(?), late 19th- or early 20th-c.; restored by Mel Wong

10-String Guitar labeled Sonora, late 19th- or early 20th-c